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Town of Berwyn Heights

 Town Office:  5700 Berwyn Road; Telephone: 301-474-5000


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Berwyn Heights Town Ordinances

Ordinance 101
 - How to File Dog Complaints
Ordinance 102
Bicycles, Riding of
Ordinance 103
Ordinance 104
Building and Inspection     (fee schedule)
Ordinance 105
Business Licenses     (fee schedule)
Ordinance 106
Cable Television
Ordinance 107
Clean Lot     (fee schedule)
Ordinance 108
Council Compensation
Ordinance 109
Election Procedures
Ordinance 110
Ordinance 111
Municipal Infractions
Ordinance 112
Parks & Public Property Regulations
Ordinance 113
Parks & Recreation Council 
Ordinance 114
Peace, Order and Nuisances
Ordinance 115
Ordinance 116
Department of Police
Ordinance 117
Refuse Collection     (fee schedule)
Ordinance 118
Roads and Public Rights-of-Way 
Ordinance 119
Traffic and Parking     (fee schedule)
Ordinance 120
Licensing of Rental Units     (fee schedule)
Ordinance 121
Executive Powers and Duties
Ordinance 122
Urban Forest (Tree)
Ordinance 123
Commercial District
Ordinance 124
Code of Conduct
Ordinance 132
Public Safety Taxing District
Ordinance 134
Commercial Clean Lot
Ordinance 149
Speed Cameras  
Ordinance 153

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